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Personalized training coursesto progress and improve in French,leading to self-assessment and self-certification

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 | Le Robert for professionals
Find out about our offers for professionals
Find out about our CPF offers for individual users
 | Le Robert for professionals

Empower your employees to express themselves confidently and effectively in both spoken and written French: choose Le Robert, experts in the French language, for all their training requirements

Quality and clarity of expression, richness of vocabulary, a respect for spelling rules: these skills are a constant requirement in working life. The right word, an expression used in its correct context, a clearly articulated concept, a piece of writing free of spelling mistakes: it’s these that make someone stand out.

  1. Training specially designed for using French in a business context
  2. Improve your employees’ skills in both spoken and written French
  3. Enhance the brand image of your company or organization
  4. Enjoy immediate and lasting results

La Formation Le Robert training is eligible for the CPF (the French national programme for continuing professional development). It includes:

A personalized online training platform with optional support from instructors


A global certification in French, allowing the learner’s precise level of French to be certified, with a score and a detailed assessment provided


Le Robert Correcteur, the software program for PC/Mac that allows learners to keep improving and consolidate the knowledge acquired during their training

  • To reach this level of excellence, la Formation Le Robert, designed by Le Robert authors and editors, all French language experts, targets overall fluency in French
  • It allows learners to study autonomously thanks to the simple, personalized coaching provided on the learning platform and by the highly qualified instructor.

  • Complete training programmes incorporate key concepts of French, such as spelling, grammar, conjugation, vocabulary and expression.
  • High-level instructors are there to to support learners on their journey towards proficiency. Our tutors are selected for their excellent teaching and language skills. A number of them are fully qualified schoolteachers and are part of the team of authors who write school textbooks for Le Robert.
  • Upon completion of their training, learners receive official certification of their level from la Certification Le Robert, recognized as the only global certification in French, along with a verification code proving its authenticity.
  • A platform compatible with all devices – computer, tablet and smartphone – allows learners to access their training anywhere.


Le Robert Correcteur, available as a software package for PC or Mac, helps you maintain your level of French after you complete your training and continue to improve day after day with the minimum effort.

A real must-have included in our training courses!

La Formation Le Robert targets proficiencyin the following 9 key skills:

Lexical spelling: spell words correctly

1. Identify the gender of nouns and spell words correctly (singular and plural, masculine and feminine)

2. Recognize homophones and spell each one correctly


Grammatical spelling: use grammatical agreement correctly

3. Make the elements of a noun group agree

4. Make a verb agree with its subject

5. Make a past participle agree

Vocabulary and level of language: use the correct word, the correct expression and the correct register

6. Correctly assign to a word its commonly accepted meaning

7. Use the appropriate register for the context


Grammar and conjugation: produce well-constructed and well-articulated sentences when speaking and writing

8. Conjugate verbs correctly, using the appropriate tense and mode

9. Produce grammatically correct sentences, using function words correctly.

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