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The ultra-powerfulspellcheckerthat enables you to work more productively, write more fluently and take your skills further

Help your employees eliminate mistakes and produce better writing by giving them a spellchecker. Le Robert Correcteur ensures that reports, emails, presentations and all other forms of writing can be corrected quickly and reliably, enabling your employees to work more efficiently and to focus on the important parts of their job.

Write more accurately
with a professional-quality spellchecker.

Work more productively
by not having to check your text over and over again without really knowing what you’re checking for

Aim for top-quality writing
and boost your corporate image

Improve your spelling
and writing style – effortlessly

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Find out
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€99.00/year (incl. VAT)

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  • Language guides,
    to broaden
    your knowledge
    of French
    (spelling, grammar,
    conjugation etc.)
  • Enable the automatic
  • Set user
  • Adjustable
    text size
  • Display modes showing extra information (entry summaries, lists of compound nouns, etc.)
  • Each type of error is indicated in a different colour
  • Dictionaries to enrich
    your writing
    (synonyms, antonyms, quotations, etc.)
  • PC/Mac compatible
  • Every mistake is explained in context
Guides linguistiques
Language guides, to broaden your knowledge of French (spelling, grammar, conjugation etc.)
Erreur signalée
Each type of error is indicated in a different colour
PC/Mac compatible
Dictionaries to enrich your writing (synonyms, antonyms, quotations, etc.)
Adjustable text size
Correction automatique
Enable the automatic punctuation checker
Set user preferences
Mode affichage
Display modes showing extra information (entry summaries, lists of compound nouns, etc.)
Every mistake is explained in context

Le Robert Correcteur, the most powerful multifunction spellchecker on the market, for all your employees

Increase their productivity and wave goodbye to careless mistakes

  • Revision is now five times faster with this ultra-powerful spellchecking technology that uses AI to provide professional-quality correction backed by Le Robert’s linguistic expertise
  • One-click correction thanks to full integration with most common software packages: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Open Office, Libre Office, Apple iWorks and more. Contracts, emails, letters and presentations can be flawless from now on.
  • In-depth checking and correction of spelling, grammar, and typography, with context analysis to leave no room for doubt
  • New feature: ‘Correct before sending’, integrated with Outlook PC, will let you say goodbye to careless mistakes in your emails!

Give them the tools to optimize their writing skills and enhance your company’s image

  • Find the meaning of a word from among the 260,000 definitions
  • Improve your general knowledge with 35,000 proper nouns
  • Avoid repeating yourself thanks to the most complete dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, containing over 3 million entries arranged by register and meaning
  • Develop your vocabulary with more than 1.8 million word combinations
  • Add colour to your writing with one of the 17,000 quotations or 8,000 proverbs
  • Conjugate all verbs in all tenses and all modes with the conjugator tool
  • Access useful writing tips and all the rules of the French language via a search engine that links to a series of guides on every aspect of the language

Help them make lasting improvements to their spelling and language skills every single day

  • See at a glance the number and types of errors, with each category colour-coded
  • Understand your mistakes thanks to the contextual explanations provided
  • Make progress every day, by understanding your mistakes and how they were corrected, so you can avoid making them again
Le Robert Correcteur : correcteur d’orthographe, de grammaire et de syntaxe

Easy integration and activation!

Activates with just one click on PC and Mac and integrates directly with common software packages.

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Roll-out management
and support,

with a dedicated
project manager


Launch plan
and internal
communications plan


Client relations
and dedicated
technical support

 | Le Robert for professionals

For Comdata, specialists in customer management outsourcing, Le Robert Correcteur has made the day-to-day work of its employees more straightforward by helping them save time and gain confidence in all situations involving written communication.

Guillaume Joinau Dumail

Operations director / Comdata

We need things to be explained to us to give us a true understanding of what they really mean, and so it's vital that a spellchecker doesn't just correct mistakes but also explains the reasoning behind each correction. That way we can go beyond the merely functional and revel in the beauty of the language!

Alexandre Jardin

Author and literacy campaigner / Lire et faire lire

We used to spend ages proofreading. Le Robert Correcteur will save us a lot of checking time from now on. It will also be a big help going forward as it explains mistakes and offers tips on how to write better.

Manon Carré

Director and cofounder of food waste organization / Partage Ton Frigo

I was really impressed by the Le Robert Correcteur spellchecker. I work with young people who have dyspraxia, and at long last there is something that lets them reap the benefits of a dictionary since it recognizes words spelled phonetically.

Christine Couasne

Occupational therapist / Thérapeute Post-grade

Le Robert Correcteur doesn't just deliver a solution but also explains the reasoning behind it, which is reassuring and makes it an enjoyable tool to use. It helps people progress and makes them more confident about their spelling.

Amandine Péchiodat

Editor and cofounder of lifestyle website / My Little Paris.

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